Centec may be your perfect partner for custom Research, Development and Manufacturing!
  • Decades of experience in Process Development
  • Proven track record of New Product Introduction
  • Fully equipped modern Process Research laboratory
  • Comprehensive selection of commercial scale equipment

A full list of facilities can be found by visiting the Our Facilities page.

Process Development

Centec can utilise our extensive experience to develop and optimise a process for you from as little as a reaction scheme. This can then be scaled on-site from small quantities (grammes) to full scale manufacture (tonnes) as your requirements evolve.

We have experience of taking the following methodologies into production – Mitsunobu, Friedel Crafts, [Cu] catalysed Ullmann and Goldberg reactions, formation of hindered amides or highly labile esters, SNAr, Etherification, Epoxidation, and Lactam cyclisation.

We are not limited to the above and possess the right blend of experience and equipment to move any reaction towards production.

Process Re-engineering and Optimisation

Centec will evaluate customer processes that are difficult, costly or inefficient. Proposals or processes can be developed to reduce operating costs and energy requirements and to improve raw material utilisation by optimisation, recycling and recovery.