Centec offer a specialist recycling and recovery service to the chemical industry.

We are permitted by the Environment Agency for all of our site-based activities. We also have customs authorisation for hydrocarbon distillation (road fuel or otherwise), bonded warehouse status and tied oil approval.

We love solving awkward problems for customers! Unit operations include Recrystallisation, Distillation, Fractionation, Extraction, Centrifugation and Filtration.

We have both the equipment and the experience to tackle challenging separations to return valuable materials. We are experts in solvent recovery, which today is routine in the industry. However, we have also demonstrated viable product recovery from waste streams, which we feel is more innovative.

We recover products worth millions of pounds for clients, which would otherwise be lost. In one key example we take a former waste stream and recover two valuable components. This creates two value streams and vastly reduces the quantity of waste finally produced (see below). We would welcome the opportunity to see how much money we could save for your business!

Vacuum distillation of high boiling point mixtures is a Centec speciality. This is undertaken in stainless steel vessels ranging from 1,000 litres up to 31,000 litres. All vessels have 100 psi steam heated internal coils as well as thermal fluid filled external coils or jacket for temperatures above 165 °C. We have fractionating columns with 32, 22, 11 and 8 plates as well as single plate capabilities on all vessels. In addition to this all stills are capable of operating between atmospheric pressure to 10 mbar vacuum.

Our plant is served by our own 50 tonne weighbridges and we can off-load road tankers and also have all the necessary material handling capabilities needed for drums or IBCs.

Viable Component Recovery

As a service to the chemical industry and in the spirit of promoting Environmentally Responsible Processing, Centec will undertake without cost or obligation a "Viable Component Recovery Assessment" of problematic solids or liquid waste streams.

But What Can Be Achieved?

Viable Component Recovery Assessment:
  • Stream type: Aqueous based fine chemical process waste stream
  • Volume: 12,000 tonnes per annum
  • Current Fate: Disposal to landfill

A recovery process waste system was developed to recover the following components:

Disposal Route

Disposal costs£660k
Purchase of new raw material£2,100k

Recovery Route

Recovery charges (to 99.9% purity)£1,010k
Purchase of new raw materials£80k