Centec possesses in-house engineering capabilities enabling us to deploy the right equipment for the right job. This agility and flexibility around equipment gives a competitive advantage. Centec can also take you further with a range of equipment from 1 L - 30,000 L meaning we can both solve your problems and provide a long term supply base. Some of our facilities are listed below.

  • Over 320,000 L of total processing capacity
  • Mix of glass-lined and stainless steel vessels, 100 L to 30,000 L
  • Services include vacuum to 1 mbar, hot oil to 250°C, Steam to 100 psi, Cryogenic capability
  • Pressure reactions to 100 Bar
  • Large scale vacuum fractionation (8, 11, 22 and 32 plate columns) and single plate distillation

Wide choice of filtration equipment (right tool for the right job).
  • Up to 48 inch centrifuges, Funda filter, pan filters, agitated filter/drier
  • 700 L, 2000 L, and 2 x 6000 L vacuum powder driers

Over 1,500,000 L of bulk storage including bunded drum storage area.

Two tanker weighbridges.

Modern Process Research Laboratory.
  • Radleys parallel experimentation equipment
  • Lab scale jacketed vessels to mimic plant equipment (1 L - 20 L), data logging
  • Literature searching via Reaxys to apply innovative methodology where appropriate
  • On-site HPLC, GC, XRF, UV/vis and FTIR analysis
  • Next day NMR and LC-MS contract service

Full In-house engineering design and fabrication capability.

Pipefitting, machining, plasma arc cutting, coded welding.

Extensive spare plant inventory.