Centec has for the last 20 years sought to deliver sustainable processing by recovering and recycling wherever possible. We use our flexible resources and substantial experience to deliver valuable materials back to our customers. We are experts in solvent recovery. We have also demonstrated viable product recovery from waste streams, which we feel is more innovative. We recover products worth millions of pounds for clients, which would otherwise be lost. We would welcome the opportunity to see how much money we could save for your business.

We seek to develop relationships with larger companies, enabling them to focus on core activities by assisting them with subsidiary problems – process development / optimisation, new product development, waste minimisation, or improving raw material and energy utilisation.

We also offer full toll / custom manufacturing services. We have a small portfolio of our own products that are linked to our core expertise.

Since the inception of Centec in 1991, we have worked with many satisfied customers from small one off jobs to many years of exclusive manufacture on large scale for multinational partners.

Customers include Shell, Nalco, GSK, Certas Energy, Du Pont, Melrob and Refuels Ltd.

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Our Objectives

Here at Centec, we strive for continuous improvement in all aspects of our business. By adopting this approach, we will:

Behave in a responsible manner towards our employees, our neighbours and the environment.

Drive down waste generation and minimise energy inefficiency wherever possible.

Place Centec as the preferred business partner for our customers.

Generate shareholder value through growth and cost management.

Our Values

At Centec:

We value lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with all of our customers.

We value the dedication and commitment of our employees.

We value the opportunity to conduct our business in full compliance with our regulators and the law.